Tuesday, 28 April 2015

It Goes A Little Something Like This....

I'm not sure how this will pan out.
I mean to try and post here regularly, show you all what I'm working on, tell you a bit about me, it might end up being interesting or it might not...anything could happen.

So....lets have a go then (in my head i can hear a boxing referee ringing the bell 'DING! DING! Round Two...or three...or four...the lady in the right corner with the short hair as tried and failed so many times at this blogging business I've lost count of how many times I've rung this stupid bell')

My name is Bex, Im 29 in 34 days.
I live in Cheltenham with my fella (he's called Arthur and he has a beard) and our cat (she's called Lola and she doesn't have a beard....but she has got whiskers).
I work in Cheltenhams best independent cafe, It's called Cafe Moochoo (the cakes are truly delicious there)
Knowing how to make things is really important to me, from knowing how to make an omelette through to knowing how to knit socks. 
I'm constantly fascinated by traditional techniques and where possible I try to make things using them. I sell the things I make with these age old techniques under the moniker Ampersand Commodities.
I use Instagram a lot...some would say too much. 
I also pin about on pinterest quite a bit.

I'm hoping to bodge together some sort of timetable/ routine to this blogging adventure...In the mean time here's some pictures of my work.


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