Friday, 16 October 2015

The Roberts Collection.

Stop the press guys.

Marilla Walkers newest pattern collection has arrived and it is possibly the most perfect thing in the world. (Disclaimer: this may be a slight exaggeration on my part...but not much of one...the patterns really are that good.)

For years I've been longing for a pair of long legged dungarees but I never really had the budget to buy a pair for myself (and until 6 months ago I wasn't really clued up on making clothes.)
Well, imagine my delight when Marilla launched her newest pattern collection The Roberts Collection. Consisting of FIVE different patterns for FIVE items of clothing (a jumpsuit, the dungarees, two dungaree dresses and a top) for the princely some of £8.50. It's such good value for money.

apologies for the bind weed...good gardeners we most definitely are not.
As soon as the launch date arrived (I'd pretty much been crossing the dates off on my calendar) I downloaded the pattern, pre-washed my fabric and got down to the business of making me a pair of dungarees.
The poppers/press studs were worth the hassle I had attaching them.
I used an almost black, medium weight denim that has a little bit of stretch (brought from the necessary evil that is Fabric Land...Cheltenham residents will understand my mixed feelings on this place)
Those skinny back straps...I love them.
Seeing as this was my first ever sewing pattern PDF download I was a little worried I'd bodge up the printing and sticking together, but that all went smoothly (and there's the option to print just the dungaree and jump suit pattern pieces if you don't fancy sticking 72 pieces of paper together.)

Did I mention it has pockets? I lined mine in some mustard yellow stripey cotton I picked up at Walthamstow Market.
The instructions were really easy to follow, the only stumbling blocks I had came when I got to the button band but that was my own fault for cutting it wrong; I also struggled with the press studs but again, that was my own fault.

The pattern is designed for the legs to have turn ups which is perfect, seeing as every pair of trousers I own has been turned up.
I can be a little obsessive when I'm working on a project i'm excited about so I sewed this up in about 5 hours (spread over two days).
The five minutes that I took them off to take this photo is the longest they've been off of me...meaning I took this photo in my pants...I'm not ashamed to say so.
The finished product is wonderful. I'm conscious of sounding like a crazy fan girl BUT this pattern really is that good. I started out sewing my own clothes (around 6 months ago now) because I had a TOAST taste but a bread crumb budget, and for me, this pattern looks like its straight out of their catalogue.

I couldn't be happier with the possibilities this pattern brings 
to my wardrobe. 
 So...yeah...go buy the pattern.

N.B. I'm hoping the enthusiasm in this post goes a small way to disguising the fact that its been ages since I posted?

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