Monday, 11 January 2016

Recent Projects and 2016 Aims.

It's probably too late to say happy new year now I suppose....but rest assured I do wish you all a happy 2016. 
I new that the start of the year would be slim on sewing time (given our impending move) so I took full advantage of my two weeks off at Christmas and sewed up a storm.

The satisfaction of neatly pilling up clothes you've made.
In two weeks I managed to squeeze in 3 Esme tops & a pair of Owyn Shorts (from Lotta Jansdotter's new book Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style), 1 Tunic #4 (from Yuko Takada's She Wears The Pants), 2 Roberts Collection Dungaree Dresses ( Marilla Walkers newest pattern) and another Factory Girl Dress (a brilliant pattern from the always brilliant Merchant & Mills)
That's a lot of sewing to run through precisely soo I'll just run you through a few bits.

This was my second Factory Girl Dress, I made it up in a soft grey needlecord fabric. It's a perfect winter dress and a very welcome addition to my wardrobe.

I'd been sitting on this Quenby Prints fabric for a while (waiting to find the perfect project) when I saw the Esme top pattern I new the time had come to take the plunge and use it up. I made a couple of wearable muslins first because I had a hunch I'd have some fitting issues, and I was right. The size I measured up to was a touch to tight on the shoulders, so I scaled up and made the large size (even though I was a little mortified to be making a large...considering I'm a size 10 generally). The large size fits perfectly and I'm sooo pleased with the finished product! (On a side note, I had no fitting issues with the Owyn shorts that I made from the same book, so I think it's just my 'strong as an ox' shoulders)

Sooo, there's a little glimpse into the recent makes. 
I did a brutal wardrobe clear out last week (in a vain attempt to get ready for the move) I donated so much stuff to charity which is brilliant because now I can see the wood for the trees with regards to what I could do with adding/making in 2016. It seems to me that there's a lack of simple, un-fussy summer dresses in there, so it would be swell if I could sew up a few of those once things have settled down (any pattern suggestions??). I also want to try and be smarter with what fabric I choose and make sure I'm going for fabrics which I really love rather than getting excited and jumping in head first.
Right then...I'm sure you can all sleep easy now that you know what I've been doing with my spare time!
Until next time.

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